OpenFreight Standards

The following APIs can be used for the rate request and booking process.

Spot Rate Request Flow

  1. Request for Quote (RFQ)
    Can be directly from Shipper to Carrier or utilize a Freight Forwarder.  Messages can include statuses, updates to previous quotes, and requesting missing information necessary for quoting.
  2. Quote (Rates)
    Spot Quote usually including an expiration date for the quote with details regarding the routing
  3. Booking
    Acceptance of a specific quote and submission of required documentation by the Shipper.
  4. Booking Confirmation
    Confirmation from Logistics Service Provider (LSP) in response to the booking determining when the booking was successful.
  5. Tracking
    Notifications regarding the current status and location of the goods being transported.  Can be accomplished in an automated manner with pushes or pulls based upon reaching different milestones in the transport process.